This formidable team on stage ‒ headed up by Gavin Langeveldt (guitar, percussion and vocals) has proved to be a huge hit and it is evident in their success and great response they received from their corporate audiences. Gavin has over 30 years of experience in the music industry, with bands such as Lastique, Fantasy and Café Society. His group is made up of a network of top musicians with whom Gavin has performed with live on stage and in studio.
Through their collective talents on stage, this group of musicians have developed a diverse and extensive repertoire, ranging from background music to the current party hits ‒ including genres such as jazz, pop, rock.


Rashid, currently 24 years old, started to perform at the age of 12. He was the first magician ever on the African continent to graduate in Sleight-of-hand Stage Magic and Essentials of Theatre at the prestigious Chavez Studio in Southern California.


At Coco Bongo, there is a variety of dancers that entertain the customers, amongst the dancers is Victor and Claudia, South Africa’s contestants in “Superstar of Dance”. Their routine is a modern jazz. Their dance style is beautiful. They dance according to a storyline of a song, and it flowed so eloquently.

Victor has been dancing professionally for the past 13 years. In this period he has achieved the following:

- British Open (Blackpool) 2002 Champion
- Millenium 2001 Dance Exhibition Champion
- USCSC Dance Sport Championships
- Holland Hassen World Dance Exhibition Champion
- South African Dance Championship
- Heritage Exhibition (North Carolina) Champion